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    Get started on your goals

    Clients enjoy our practical hands-on approach to helping you to define and validate your goals, and to take action to achieve them. Email us at: coach@totallifecomplete.com for more information.


    What is a whiteboard session?

    A whiteboard session is a helpful way to explore and organize an initial coaching session (we literally sit in cool office equipped with whiteboards, presentation screens and bottomless coffee/water). It allows a combination of mind-mapping, brainstorming and capture/categorization of different types of structured and unstructured information. The whiteboard process is creative since it allows you to make (new) connections between different parts of life and work, and the visual identification of blockers and opportunities.


    We give you a photo/hardcopy of the output of the session, and write up the insights and actions for you to take away (and for the basis of ongoing coaching, if you choose to).



    What differentiates Total Life Complete is our ongoing commitment to synthesizing insights from our podcast, events and other sources so that they benefit you. We try to be on the leading edge of what it means to "feel alive, minimize regrets and make a difference", working with folks from art, business and civic (non-profit, government and social enterprises) fields. We know that there is no such thing as a standard life or business, and strive to help you get more out of yours.


    Business Experience

    Most of our coaches also have years of experience as consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders in their own right. We're fluent in a range of tools, such as Lean/Business Canvas, and structured approaches to problem solving and strategy. Speak to us about your specific requirements.



    Personal Coaching $250/hr

    Business Coaching $500/hr

    We offer discounts for purchase of blocks of hours, please contact us for details.


    Email us at: coach@totallifecomplete.com for more information.


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    Brett Cowell

    Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Vision

    After making a name as an electronic music DJ in Sydney in the 1990's, Brett embarked on a two decade career as an international management consultant, working in over 25 countries with many blue-chip corporate clients in a range of sectors.


    Brett's clients appreciate his ability to switch easily from deep creative mode, and seemingly casual conversation into identifying insightful and tangible ideas and actions.

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    Chemistry is as important as competence in finding the right coach. We have a network of coaches, artists and entrepreneurs we can connect you with. Talk to us about what you need.

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