• An overnight phenomenon

    - 20 years in the making

    In 1998 Brett travelled from Sydney to Europe to backpack for three months, soaking up the simple pleasures and easy friendships. On his return the seed of an idea was planted: to provide the same experience at home. After travelling and living around the world for 20 years as a management consultant, Brett recognized that we are all still seeking connection and growth, and the support to be our best selves, and reach our potential. He finally left his consulting career to start Total Life Complete LLC in 2016.

    Have fun, meet people, learn, grow. Make a difference

    What's a hub?

    We all want more out of life, but have less time to realize that desire. Total Life Complete is a lifestyle hub – a one stop shop for quality and trusted (and fun) LOCAL content, personal and professional development, events, networking, coaching and other services. We research and organize around central themes of living a life that makes you feel alive, makes a difference, and minimizes regrets.

  • Principles

    We believe that the only meaningful statements about our "purpose" and "mission" are those voiced by those describing actually who we are and how we act in practice.


    Creativity, to engage others, and as a means of personal and cultural transformation.


    The ultimate destination of our personal journey is beyond ourselves.


    Bringing your whole self.

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