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Podcast s2 Intro Episode

· Podcast,Brett Cowell


Hi, it’s Brett Cowell and this is the Total Life Complete podcast, coming to you from Dallas, Texas.

This is the Season 2 intro show, so I want to tell you about to expect from the next 10 or 12 episodes.

One of my reflections from Season 1 was that life really is, when it comes down to it, a creative spiritual endeavour.

Creative since it’s a performance spread across several acts. Life is about feeling, authenticity, uniqueness, imagination and self-reinvention.

Life is Spiritual because of identity, meaning, purpose, connection and the journey itself. It’s about community, contribution, holism, energy and our relationship with the physical environment we live in.

The life that I want to continue to explore on the podcast is one that makes you feel alive, minimizes regrets and makes a difference.

We’ll continue to explore through people at the intersection of: art, business and community. And this season, to keep the process honest, I want to talk about engagement. Converting what we speak about into action.

In the world we live in there is a temptation to disengage, to feel disempowered to make positive changes and to just focus on our own truths… to delude ourselves that we need a self help guru, or celebrity to lead us or make us feel better about our problems, rather than leading ourselves.

Given this we’ll be focusing on creativity as a tool to engage–in your own life and work–and to engage in community and society. We saw in the last season about how social entrepreneurs and genuine cause led brands are blurring the lines between business and non-profits. In this season we’ll look at how the tools of creatives including seeing, storytelling and transformation, can be used to make a positive change in us, and the world we’re part of.

I also want to push the boundaries of this format and medium of a podcast in an irreverent way. Expect more live events, expect the opportunity for you to create, to interact with, and shape what you hear in this podcast.

In Season One we understood a bit more about the heart and soul of Dallas. With thousands of people moving to Dallas every week, I’m now interested in what Dallas can be, through the eyes of the guests on the show. And what we need to do to make the Dallas of our dreams for everyone. I’ve been amazed and humbled by the response to this podcast around the world, now in around 40 countries. I believe that the issues we’re dealing with on the podcast are universal ones, so keep listening. And even better let me know what you think, and what’s going on in the community you live in.

Head over to to sign up to the list, or post your messages and feedback.

The wait for Season 2 is almost over! For now, this is me Brett Cowell, signing off. All the best!


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