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    A new kind of lifestyle enterprise

  • Total Life Complete - Context and Philosophy

    There are profound and far-reaching changes happening in society, life and work. We've become disconnected from our quintessence, our spirit. Not living authentically or expressing ourselves fully across the blurring boundaries between work and our true selves.

    Failure to respond to these changes, in a way appropriate for us, can mean that we miss out on the richness of, and opportunities in, life. Or worse, that we live a life devoid of meaning, balance and true happiness - a life also filled with emotional and economic stress.


    So how do we equip ourselves for the new world, and shape that world in the process?


    The philosophy of Total Life Complete is to see life/work as a developmental journey, an inexhaustible riddle, an artistic life's work. A plot to find your music and sing your song. Total Life Complete is a new type of enterprise for a post-capitalistic world, combining art, business and community elements. It creates and facilitates ideas, content, experiences and community in a collaborative way - all directed at making a positive impact on individuals, organizations and society.

    What is Total Life Complete? by Brett Cowell

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    Experience life, Express you with Total Life Complete!


    The essence of Total Life Complete is about having shared experiences with like minded people for a purpose - have fun, meet people, learn, grow and give back.

  • Have fun, meet people, learn, grow. Give back.

    Total Life Complete is a new kind of collaborative lifestyle enterprise, blending art, personal and professional growth, community and experiences.

    The business of Total Life Complete is about personal and professional growth and lifestyle. Helping you to have fun, meet people, learn, grow and give back as a means to living a happy, balanced and meaningful life. And a life that makes a greater positive contribution to the world. We present experiential learning on topics including: work-life balance, problem solving and decision making and meaning-led work / life. We provide vision, strategy and operational advisory services and guidance to organizations wanting to foster meaning-led internal and external communities, create a positive culture and unlock potential.

    Part of the DNA of Total Life Complete is artistry and open collaboration. The Art of Total Life Complete is to create unexpected experiences, and unique collaborations with local and international artists (and businesses and community organizations) of all types.

    The social mission of Total Life Complete is to make the world a kinder, fairer and more sustainable place. We work through professionals and leaders to improve the organizations and communities that they are part of. We also give back to a number of social causes including education, poverty alleviation and the arts.

    Blog, Podcast, Book Publishing, Speaking


    Blog, Podcast (see below, also SoundCloud, iTunes), Book Publishing, Speaking


    The Good Life Book is NOW AVAILABLE!


    Paperback and Kindle on Amazon US and Europe, Kindle version available internationally.


    Amazon.com US link:


    In person and online experiential learning experiences - Total Life Compelte


    We learn from experiences and stories about experiences.


    A curriculum of life and business skills modules, delivered online and in-person that help unlock your potential.


    Problem solving and Decision making masterclass coming soon!

    Connect - Growth through networks


    We all want the benefits of networking - meeting like minded people that we can interact interdependently with to make each others lives better.


    Events that have the benefits of networking but without the downsides!

    Brett Cowell - Executive and Professional Coach, Dallas, Texas


    Coaching is a powerful process to unlock the potential within you and your career / business.


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    Help others through learning, connection and nourishment. Total Life Complete.


    Our social mission is to make the world a better place through Art, Business and Community. We contribute directly to community organizations that support learning, connection and nourishment for those that have lost hope

    TLC Social Club - a new type of networking event!

    TLC Social Club - Dallas

    Thanks to everyone who contributed their positive energy to make the pilot such a good event. For those that missed out, TLC guests joined an Italian Wine Experience, where they:

    • Learned how to taste wine
    • Understood the geography and grapes of Italian Wines
    • Had a laugh with some like minded people

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