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Dallas resident tells us how to live a good life.

  • Ex-management consultant solves problem of how to live a good life
  • Releases approach to overcome common obstacles to personal change
  • Provides next-generation how-to guide to those seeking happiness, balance and meaning

DALLAS, TX, March 10, 2017/ -- Total Life Complete LLC announced today the release of The Good Life Book by Brett Cowell.

Brett Cowell, a resident of Dallas, authored The Good Life Book, which was released today by Total Life Complete LLC. Mr Cowell spent almost 20 years as an international management consultant, working with global companies to improve efficiency.

The book introduces a next-generation approach to the personal growth genre, applying the same structured mindset and innovative skills typically used to transform large companies, instead to the case of personal change.

“I was faced with a number of pressing issues in my personal life and work life, and naturally returned to the proven techniques I’d used at work to help companies change in order to solve these issues” Mr Cowell said. “Unlike a lot of the self-help material you can find, this approach is focused on getting you back to living the life you want as soon as possible, rather than spending your life reading more self-help books”.

The book takes readers through three stages of a complete journey to a good life: starting your journey, staying on track and getting there.

“Part of any successful change is starting with the end in mind.” Mr Cowell said. The book leads the reader through the process of creating a personal vision and then defining “good” for the key “pillars” of their lives, including: meaningful work, health, spirituality, personal relationships and growth.

“Many of us approach work-life balance in the wrong way, trying to cram ever more into an already overly-complex life. Instead we should make balance part of everything we do, and how we allocate our energy and time each day.” Mr Cowell said.

Many personal change efforts fail due to “invisible” internal obstacles such as fear, procrastination or too-rigid attachment to personal identity. Part Two of the Book is focused on how to identify and overcome these obstacles. Part Three of the book focuses on the reader taking action to move from their current to future state of living.

“Following the steps in The Good Life Book is a similar type of discipline to that used by superstar athletes, a mastery of the basics that enables the expression of personal flair to make them great.” said Brett Cowell, author of the book and also Founder of Total Life Complete LLC. “With strong foundations based on personal values in place, you can begin to seek peak experiences, and personal interactions that let you feel truly alive. I created this Dallas-based startup to help you do exactly that, and to give back to the local community.”

The Good Life Book is available on Amazon.

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